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Bın actıvators


bin activators

sılo dıscharge

sılo dıscharge solutıons 

Engineered mass flow bin designs often result in tall steep bins. Successful mass flow is highly dependent on the ability to maintain consistent material properties such as moisture, particle size and consolidation time. Variations in these properties can draStically alter flow.

The Transmin bin activator range offers a cost effective and reliable alternative to mass flow hopper designs. The bin activator is able to overcome the problems of material packing in the converging lower cone of the bin (a common cause of flow problems) and will encourage an even, flat withdrawal of product from the storage silo.

This has the added benefit of minimising ‘classification’ of product created by funnel flow discharge and effectively re-mixes fines with larger particles in a similar distribution to the original mix.

Bin Activators are easily installed to exiSting silos as cheap alternative solution for flow problems

silo discharge material

Custom Engineered Designs bin Activators

For highly specialised applications, Transmin has the ability to supply custom machines, taking careful consideration of the duty requirements and material to be handled.



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  • Range: Ø 600mm (23 in) ~ 2,100mm (7 ft)
  • Material: carbon steel, 304L / 316L stainless steel
  • Robust, compact design
  • Range of seals (gaskets) including FDA-approved, food-grade version and high-temperature version
  • Wide range of baffle plates in accordance with application


Minimal Maintenance: DOSERAY Bin Activators require minimal maintenance due to essential components being designed to successfully contend with the vibratory service requirements. The result is the longest possible service life with minimal or virtually no maintenance attention. The only “preventive” maintenance required is the occasional greasing of the vibratory motor.

bin activators


Low power requirement
Extra-durable suspensions and seal (gasket)
70% fewer welds than with traditional bin activators
Seamless heavy-duty activator cone


Suspensions suitable for installation on aluminium silos
Vast range of electric motovibrators (see OLI motovibrators)
Additional fluidisation/aeration system
Outlet spout with emergency slide gate
Negative pressure version availableeck Ladder, Lower-Upper Manhole, Filling Pipe Inlet Nozzles and Inlet with Level Sensor Inlet are optionally available

usage as

The DOSERAY Bin Activator is a device of half convex, half conical shape. Set in vibration it facilitates material flow from hoppers or silos





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