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Powder or granular raw materials are generally stored in the silos. And, on the other hand, if they are delivered in big-bag sacks, the raw materials in the said characteristic are directed to the target location as appropriate for pneumatic or screw (spiral).


SWF(Inverter) brand, 2-ton capacity, 6m chain, 4-action crane is attached to IPE 250 material on top of the big-bag sacks stations. This crane advances forward, departing from the main frame of the 1500 mm platform and comes forward to lift the sack. Then the holding grabs of the sack are attached to the hooks of the lifting cross and the sack is put to the discharge cone with its mouth sealed by pneumatic cylinders. The fastened inlet of the sack is unfastened. Then it is untied and valve cylinders are opened within 1-10 scale according to the flow status from the touch panel or the panel just near the operator. When flow continues, the spiral conveyor or pneumatic transport group connected to the inverter is enabled from the panel. According to the flow condition, two vibrators in the station start operate in interval. Thanks to these vibrators, both the product in the big-bag sack falls down on the intermediate collecting cone and the product in the intermediate collecting cone falls on the conveyor. Configuration of the said vibrators, pneumatic cylinders and spiral conveyors all are performed via the touch panel.

Optionally, more than one station may be connected adjacently and entire process may be displayed from a single computer by SCADA 

- CLAMPING SYSTEM, to achieve a dust-proof connection of the
outlet spout (very suitable for hygienic applications and to form a
vacuum in the emptied Big-Bag).
- DE-DUSTING UNIT, multiple types and sizes available, attuned to
the product.
- BigBag Discharge System, metering screw conveyors,
slide or rotary valves.
- CLOSED HOUSING/CHAMBER for toxic or very dusty powders.
- POWDER DIVERTER VALVE, to avoid contamination of the
product by dust/dirt at the outside of the Big-Bag.
pipe with integrated control valves, there will be a vacuum on the
Big-Bag. In this way an efficient discharge of rests (no air/dust
contents) will result.
- Bigbag Discharge ROLL UP SYSTEM, for empty Big-Bags and/or Inliner to be placed
separately or directly on top of the discharge position.
- Bigbag Discharge MODIFIED VIBRATING BOTTOM, to activate very bad-flowing
Products additionally.
- Bigbag Discharge FEEDING ROLLER CONVEYOR (automatically), for Big-Bags on
pallets (incl. pallet stacker).
- WEIGHING SYSTEM, to monitor the product flow.
- EXPLOSION-PROOF DESIGN, according ATEX-directives.
- CONTROL SIFTING, with our centrifugal sifter machine.
Material of construction: stainless steel, normal mild steel
or combination of both.
Drive, vibrating bottom: 1 pcs. E-motor, P = 0,5 kW.
Capacity: approx. 6-8 Big-Bags/h.
(depending on product properties).
Dimensions of Bigbag Discharge:1500x1500x5000mm
Max. height: 1000-1900 mm.
Max. width: 1000 mm.
Max. length: 1000 mm.
Max. weight: 1500 kg.
Diameter outlet spout: 300 mm.
Length outlet spout: 500 mm.



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BIGBAG DISCHARGE-FIBC Bag Emptier-Bigbag Unloader

The basic station consists of:
- a vibrating bottom.
- a discharge funnel.
- a heavy stainles-steel frame.
The BigBag is attached to a hoist device for better handling. Following the hoist device with the BigBag is picked up by a hoist or a forklift and is manoeuvred over the vibrating bottom. The vibrating bottom is suspended in the heavy steel frame by means of spiral springs. A sideways mounted imbalance unit generates the vibrating action, to improve the product flow. The discharge funnel is integrated with the vibrating bottom and it is provided with a large access hatch to untie the outlet spout of the Big-Bag. Because the Big-Bag covers the funnel completely there is a closed system while discharging, which creates a dust-proof unit. The funnel is also provided with a flange-connection for a dedusting unit. The de-dusting also creates an air compensation while discharging. The heavy steel frame is a solid construction of completely closed and welded box profiles. In the funnel, beneath the access hatch, a screening-grid is mounted to intercept possible lumps and large pollutions. The grid is detachable.The right solution for Big Bags and sacks. Regardless of whether your raw materials are delivered in a sack, crate, Big Bag, bulk car or silo, the unloading and discharge process requires the greatest possible care and attention. Safety, quality and cost efficiency are paramount.

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