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bez silo, trevira



un silosu, şeker silosu


What is Trevira?

It is an industrial fabric, breathable, antibacterial, antistatic containing silver ion that prevents growth of bacteria.

In what applications are Treviro Slio, Fabric Silo Used?

They can be used particularly in the food industry as well as the plaStic, pharmaceutics and chemical industries for storage of all kinds of granular materials. The discharge system may bee in form of vacuum or vibration cone. It may be produced in special thickness appropriate of all capacities. Trevira silo are two types as m2/420g and m2/720g, with conics having reinforced fabric construction.

rotary valve - air lock body

Where are Trevira Fabric Silos Applied?

  • They offer the most cost-effective storage method solutions especially for indoor applications where it is difficult to use silos in great dimensions.

    Having mobile construction and angular structure, its 60-degree conic may be used in the vacuum and pressure applications. Furthermore, filter, filter output and filling sport may be attached to top of the silo.


  • Completely non-toxic, hygienic, with high degree of preservation of raw material, in compliance with food hygiene standards (EC Regulation 1935/2004)
  • Breathable filtering fabric with no need of additional filters and no formation of condensation.
  • Possibility to customize the size according to available space.
  • Easy and economical transportation.


usage as

Rotary airlock feeders/ rotary airlock valves are used in pneumatic conveying systems,dust control equipment, and as volumetric feed-controls.



bez silo

RIndoor storage of bulk raw materials in powder or granules.

Technical specifications

  • Structural accessories in stainless steel or Fe
  • Storage capacity from 5 to 65 m3
  • Dimensions from 1.5 m x 1.5 m x h 3.3 m to 3.8 m x 3.8 m x h 7 m
  • Load capacity up to 25000 kg/h


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