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Micro Ingredient Dosing


The automatic management of micro-ingredients ensures a consistent dosing of products thus eliminating any product waste resulting from manual handling with bags. Moreover, it allows you to keep the premises clean, in compliance with the HACCP law provisions in force on hygiene and safety in the workplace. With such a system, a single operator is more than sufficient to facilitate the entire ingredient loading operation and manage the recipe from the electronic PLC control panel. All weighing phases are performed automatically at the end of the cycle which allows the operator to use the accurately weighed product. High dosing accuracy and the versatility of the micro-ingredient dosing station ensures reliable and infinitely repeatable results. The systems are also completely modular allowing for gradual expansion of the system to include storage and dosing of more liquid and/or powdered ingredients.

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micro dosing station 

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  • RDOSERAY is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The DOSERAY  micro proportioning system DOS is used for high precision dosing of micro-ingredients in animal feed such as vitamins, additives and trace elements. It is applied to the production of premixes, formulated feeds, aqua feeds and pet foods. Other main fields of application are the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
    Designed to deliver precise weighing and dosing of ingredients
    The DOS achieves the accurate weight required for each ingredient.
    The DOS automatically eliminates discrepancies in weighing results.
    Superior sanitation with stainless steel.

    The complete emptying of even sluggish material from the storage containers lowers the risk of contamination.
    The product's high sanitation standard improves the safety of the plant by reducing the accumulation of dust that can cause explosions.
    All parts in contact with the material are of stainless steel, further ensuring high sanitation standards.
    Intelligent features for higher operational flexibility and productivity.

    The micro proportioning system DOS allows for less frequent use of the hand intake station, where manual emptying of bags is required. This results in fewer errors, less work and less wastage.
    The micro proportioning system adapts to the ingredient characteriStics for dosing of both fine and coarse particles, enabling higher process flexibility.



Easy dosing system, fast and accurate
Traceability of manual steps
Direct transfer of data to process your order (Profibus etc.)
Tolerance control
Predefined / Automatic tare
Storage of thousands product pages
Operating principle:

The preparation table is provided with a control panel connected to the general network. It displays the instructions stored in the database of the recipe and guide, step by step, the operator who selects each product to be determined by lot number or by using a barcode reader. The system verifies that the weighed product meets the defined tolerance.


High accuracy in weighing
Flexibele formulation
Fully automatic controlled proces
Dustproof design

usage as

Modular and extendable hermetic units for the accurate
dosing by weight of powdered or liquid minor ingredients.





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