Continuous Screening Systems-Pneumatic Screen-Separators

We screen raw materials you used when storing or in the mechanical and pneumatic transport processes after storage by means of pneumatic screens operating magnetically and centrifugally, making them clean and ready for the process.  

The screen type (above) used when loading the products in the silos by means of silobus and the screen used during the process (side) are different in construction.

Vibration Screen, Silobus Screen, Silo Screen
We also apply vibration and conical pneumatic screening technologies in your pneumatic transfer processes and silobuses. Thanks to the conical screens in the range of our products which are installed at the highest level of the silos, we prevent ingress of foreign objects into your silos. Foreign materials especially sand, calcite and similar materials in the construction chemicals may give damage to the screws and mixers, other transport equipment of the process. For this reason, the raw material introduced in the process should be screened definitely.  

Sieving - Maximum control for optimal results
Companies in the food, feed, pharma and chemical industries are being confronted with increasingly stringent requirements with regard to food safety, quality, tracking & tracing and hazards associated with dust and explosions. So it should come as no surprise that Dinnissen Process Technology is continually searching for the best solutions when it comes to quickly and reliably managing various granulated as well as powdered materials. Effi cient fractionation ensures the highest purity Our sieving technique is based on the use of our centrifugal sieves. The material to be fractionated is brought into the sieving
chamber, where the material is agitated by spinning fi ns. Those fractions which consist of small enough particles pass through the centrifugal sieve, whereas contaminants and larger particles are quickly transported onwards. By varying the rotation speed as well as the diameter of the openings and the path length of the sieve, we can realize any desired sieving result. And our broad range of
accessories and options makes it possible to realize the necessary level of quality, safety and hygiene for any situation.

 Continuous Screening Systems-Pneumatic Screen-Separators