Manufacture of Reactor and Liquid Tanks
Manufacture of all kinds of reactors operating indoor or outdoor depending on pressure class and process status. It may be manufactured by Argon, TIG, MIG, Aluminum AC, DC, Gas Metal Arc welding methods.

Stainless Tank, Glucose Tank, Invert Sugar Tank and Solutions

AISI 304 Stainless Silos and Stainless Tanks used outdoor at the big storage areas from 1500mm to 6000mm in diameter are manufactured cylindrically as horizontal and vertical. Stainless tanks can be manufactured as double-walled, rockwool insulated and water-heated and used for the processes.

Standard Stainless Tank and Processes are offered with the options of exchanger, cleaning ball manhole, walking platform, ladder, filling pipe input nozzles, level sensors, pumps, flowmeters, loadcells, complete automation and process solution.

Furthermore, together with stainless tang, we have process applications for glucose, lecithin, invert sugar and liquid yeast.



  Reactor and Liquid Tanks