Batch, Intermittent and Continuous Dosing Processes

Batch means mass or lot as described in the dictionary. This may be described in short as start of process according to a certain recipe and production with raw materials constituting the finished or semi-finished product within the target time according to that recipe with acceptable deviation values.

Batches advances step by step and if a step is not finished completely, it is required to start the process again.

For this reason, when designing batch processes, they should be excellently designed in mechanical sense. Furthermore, each moment of the process should be taken under control, resulting in an electro mechanic harmony.

Automation and control in the batch processes-batch dosages is important. When each moment of the process is kept under control and conditioned and necessary physical conditions are provided, it may be required to switch to the next step or introduction of two raw materials in the process concurrently. That is, it is also possible to establish same conditions for 2-3 different variables.

In case of constant change of characteristic and variance, instead of stability in the process and dosage, then a different product is obtained. And this is not an acceptable result.

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 Batch, Intermittent and Continuous Dosing Processes