Aluminum Silo Solutions?
Used in the outdoor environments and big storage spaces, AIMg3 Aluminum Silos are produced from 1500mm to 4.000mm in diameter. They may be used for the double-wall, rockwool insulated and water-heated processes.

In our stainless steel silos we manufacture silos, Filter, Deck Ladder, Lower-Upper Manhole, Filling Pipe Inlet Nozzles and Inlet with Level Sensor Inlet are optionally available.

Why aluminum Silo?
As it is known, as the silo material has specific gravity less than the aluminum steel, it is preferred for silo load and construction depending on the processes of the plants. Resistance of aluminum silos should be correctly selected according to the corrosive character and type of the material to be stored, bulk density and storage indoor or outdoor.


 Aluminum Silo Solutions